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Easy. They all get rounded up, taken to the highest rooftops and pushed off while crowds of cheering subhuman mooslems watch.

Gays of the West, your days are numbered. You must choose what you are willing to give up: Your rights or your lives.

The mooslems who will kill you for being gay?


The Christians who will at most forbid you to marry other gays or adopt children.

The Leftist SJWs won't save you. They'll bow to the mooslems every time as they have shown already in the UK and elsewhere. So pick your oppressor and decide which rights you would rather give up. If it's the mooslems, then go ahead and kill yourselves. If it's the Christians then give up on finding a partner or adopting now.

Ideally, you could avoid either fate by simply not being gay and realize homosexual relationships are not natural and that you need to hook up with someone of the opposite sex (and no, trannys don't count). Then you don't lose your life or your rights.

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