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OK, let's see what we've got here...

If I'm going to say anything, it's that Tamim is playing a slightly dangerous game here, whether he knows it or not. He doesn't want fame, and yet the connected tweet has 12k likes, and he's exposing those far bigger than himself for what it's worth. Oh, and the fact that 'I'm saying this isn't the truth' could be seen as projecting somewhat (?)

So let's start with the fact that Zack basically played gay rapist with Nairo? Is that even a place to start? I mean it was still an idiot move of Nairo to allow this to happen, but still. The $2k 'hush money' that Zack also asked for also intrigues me, because it also mentions Zack receiving the money after Nairo got shitcanned. Again - I thought I smelt a rat considering it took 36 hours for Zack to break down on camera.

Quote: "It is very ironic how the entire motive and title of Zack’s post “I’m Tired of Living a Life of Lies” is built on himself lying, multiple times, once again."

Oh yeah, and did we mention the rumours of him being in bed with MattyG? Because that was a thing.

Anyways, the meat and potatoes of this is Samsora, and good fucking god, not only did I know he's this shitty (calls for censorship were one thing), but because he basically made Zack 'expose' Nairo after the both of them spit him out like wrapping paper. Oh, and those DMs with Lima/Zack/Samsora? Yeah, I've seen less conflicts of interest come out of fucking AstraZenica.

I think that's about all I can say. Read for ourselves, I suppose.

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