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this is a good "recharge" in a world full of "spin" & propaganda


Computer models are the modern day false prophets.


Well, its not really hard to figure out. One the largest red flags is, if you're on television and you're living the dream with millions of dollars.

Jesus Christ is the model. Did Jesus have vast amounts of wealth in bank accounts? Did Jesus have the finest in transportation of donkey's and carts? Did Jesus wear the finest of clothing of robes and sarongs? Did Jesus even own property and called a spot a home? Did Jesus ever sell his salvation for profit? Did Jesus ever have a stationary building where people herded and hid themselves from the world labeled a church? Did Jesus ever ask for money? Did Jesus ever go before people told them, "Lift your hand, let me see your tithe for God blesses a cheerful giver", or "if you don't tithe you are robbing the storehouses of God." Let me ask a rhetorical question, is human being powerful enough to overcome God and steal from God?

As I said, Jesus Christ is the model. What did Jesus Christ do? He fed the hungry. He gave the thirsty drink. He clothed the naked. He changed water into wine. He made the blind see. He made the deaf hear. He made the cripple able to walk. He healed the sick. He freed the demon possessed. Jesus rose the dead and the dead became the living. Jesus commanded the violent storm and storm calmed. Jesus travelled all over the region as oppose to herding and hiding in the same building one day week. Jesus had no problem going before sinners and speaking to them. Jesus had no problem rebuking sin. Jesus Christ didn't have an once of wealth and luxury bet yet ate enough food, slept well and kept clothed. What did Jesus do, that the false prophets don't do? Jesus gives and doesn't take. All Jesus requests from us is sin no more and follow me.

So let me ask another rhetorical question. If we know what Jesus Christ did, then what should tele-evangelist and TBN channel do?

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