The white supremacist group the Base uses terror to spread its ideology and recruit young men. The FBI is closely watching them – and the Guardian is now able to reveal the identity of its secretive leader

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A long article on a so called neo nazi network but with only tiny references to anything criminal or illegal. They say some members vandalised a mosque but no evidence is provided in this article. They say it's members are planning a race war but with no quote. I could find more evidence of the Guardian being anti white and thus encouraging hatred, could this possibly start a race war in the UK? But seriously it's outlets like this that have given cover to those that hate the native British. Our media helped hide thousands upon thousands of rapes by Muslims and they are not interested in the racial aspect to knife crime either. If they do cover knife crimes the victims are the focus because the criminals are black. I want a mug shot of everyone of them.

It's funny how the Guardian have produced this while ignoring Bernie Sanders' campaign members who are on camera calling for re-education camps and praising gulags. Those leaks and investigations actually have evidence and details.


Now do antifa. They are a much bigger group, are a listed terror group have regularly used violence to achieve their political goals and are designated a dometic terror group by the FBI.

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