Britain makes move to bring home children of Isis suspects from Syria | Syria | The Guardian

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If the virtue signaling Brits don’t think their government is actively trying to destroy Britain and that there are without a doubt enemies within the government right now this move right here to bring a mortal enemies children into your country proves the British government doesn’t care one bit about Britain and wants you to be eradicated.

Who exactly made this decision? They should be named and not get to hide behind the supposedly too complicated to figure out “government” BS they always feed to the people so we don’t know who makes decisions. The buck stops somewhere. A person made this decision not a “government.”

If they bring the little jihadi muzzies back today you can bet they have a plan to bring the jihadi parents who chose to join isis and murder people for their so called God. These jihadi children are in their country right now. They must never be allowed to return. Brace yourselves for 40 year old “children” to flood your towns and cities.

These children have been taught to hate anyone not like them. Guaranteed some of these children will commit terrorist acts against Britain once they get older.


what the actual fuck we dont want them , send their familys to syria to help them then take away their citizenship

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