Far-right activist will serve 10 weeks after being found guilty of breaching reporting ban

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What complete garbage. It's amazing that they'll happily post all the trash the Crown will throw at them but god forbid they post the actual arguments Tommy used for defense.


The Guardian is truely DIGUSTING. Scroll down, down, and down. Just look how their journalists do their upmost to bury the Tommy Robinson's prison conviction news. It's like the editor just said we are going to bury this piece of news today.

Journalists are utter scum and they wonder why their profession is at rock bottom with the public. Thank God we have the internet and Gab.



'Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, broadcast reports that encouraged "vigilante action" and "unlawful physical" aggression against defendants in a sexual exploitation trial, according to the judges who found him guilty last week. Passing sentence on Thursday, Dame Victoria Sharp said of Robinson: "He has lied about a number of matters and sought to portray himself as the victim of unfairness and oppression. This does not increase his sentence, but it does mean that there can be no reduction for an admission of guilt."'


I guess it's obviousl who "The Guardian" is guarding, and it's not the citizens, the readers, or the truth. Look at the condescension they use towards the man who asked child molesters a simple question. Where is the snark and vitriol for the pedo grooming gang? Which side are you on, boy, which side are you on?


this article is full of lies

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