As a media critic, I’ve had an intimate look at the channel’s morning show – and how it poisons the national conversation

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'Did Fox News inspire two white supremacist mass shootings? Probably not directly. Is it disturbing that America’s number one news network discusses immigration like bloodthirsty white supremacists? Yes.'

I could have torn this pathetic article to shreds but that sentence above is enough to tell you all you need to know.

I wonder why the author of this article didn't take a comparative approach and see how well fox fact checks compared to it's rivals.


If you replaced the words "Fox News" and "Fox & Friends" with "The Guardian", you would have more or less exactly the same article.


Fox became quite unpopular with Guardian "readers" when they chose sides in the last election. In so doing, they aligned with the man eating 10 eggs, who has been shat upon by the corrupt Republican and Democrat party for ever.

Fox no longer played the globalist party line, and that cinched any further affiliation.

The left could really care less about the man eating 10 eggs. All these issues are ploys which hide the pro-china, pro-nafta, pro-illegal leaning of both parties. Trump threw a gopher bomb upon their nicely manicured lawn. Good.

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