Megan Rapinoe and Christen Press say the onus is on their employers after mediation talks between the US women’s national team and US Soccer broke down on Wednesday night

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Dream on. The talks are sure to fail because the female players aren't living in reality. Men's soccer is boring enough already to American audiences because we want a time crunch or a clear winner, and women's soccer is even less active. Worse, soccer allows ties and has no time limit on ball possession, so a team can take all the time it wants to set up a perfect run on goal or run out the clock passing amongst itself. In stark contrast, basketball has a shot clock, football a play clock, hockey is lightning fast and has 2 min penalties, MMA is a match of 15 to 25 min. Basketball, football, and hockey have OT, MMA has a 3 judge decision if no TKO.

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