It was a controversial decision for the university to open the flats, but it’s helped residents gain the confidence to mingle

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Firstly, this piece is written by an NUS Welfare Officer and LGBTQIA+ activist. So let's not pretend this is even close to representing reality.

Secondly, just look at the bullshit that is being spouted:

She said she has heard lots of LGBT students voice fears that their new flatmates might share the views of their school bullies or unsupportive parents

So just having unsupportive views is an extreme threat to LGBT people? Read it again. They aren't concerned of being bullied. They are concerned about being near people who hold negative views of themselves, even if that is never spoken aloud.

For those students, being around even one other queer person can make life easier. “As a queer person, in an environment that still isn’t great, especially for trans students, your very existence and the fact that you’re living out is resistance in its own way,” she said.

The eternal victims of the new left. Being queer is an act of resistance, apparently. Just to be gay is to be political? I mean, really? And this is where we start to see the veneer peeling back and get a glimpse of this being a method of activism.

LGBT accommodation is not about cutting themselves off. It’s about creating a place where they can sleep and eat, free from any of the worry or unease they might feel in their daily lives.

Except of course that just being around queers doesn't actually do any of that. Where is this "worry or unease" coming from? And how does living with a bunch of bitchy queens help with that? There is no plague of homophobia at university. And even if there was, surely you don't just stop worrying when you go back to your flat?

"Identities" are fairly close to just being religions. No-one is allowed to question them. Believers want to only be around their own kind, so they can constantly affirm each other's choices.

This is how Scientology works.

These young people (remember, they are adults!) need to be bounced around a bit by the rough and tumble of society. Coddling them, again, after they've been coddled as children and teens too, just means they will walk out into the adult world completely incapable of handling reality. They will demand their own ghetto there as well. And we soon have ourselves minorities who simply cannot cope with us evil normal people.

We can't allow this shit.

If you want to only live with gays then go and find some gays and live with them. But we can't allow a landlord to ever say "Oh I'm sorry, you're not gay so you can't live here" .

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