Having squandered the last financial crisis, we cannot make the same mistakes again. A Green New Deal is the only reasonable response

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This article is about how governments, their central banks and the International financing system has worked for the super rich and those who play the markets but has not worked for the poor. This is correct but the article ignores the middle class and genuine business and portrays this as a battle between the Financiers and the poor, with the only solution a green new deal.

If the people who run the scams at the top are unfairly balancing the wealth we need to stop the scams and end the debt based mega companies. Their solution of a green new deal is more bureaucracy of another kind that will be closely negotiated with the financial industry anyway. New green scams will happen.

The middle class will disappear faster and productivity in valuable and useful industries will be stifled further leading to ever increasing stagnation in the west.

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