We all say things we regret. Trawling young activists’ tweets denies them a chance | Media | The Guardian

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"We all say things we regret. Trawling young activists’ tweets denies them a chance"

the guardian that do next to nothing but go back decades to try and find something a MP or activist once said that can now be use against them. often miss quoted and totally out of context.

the same guardian that thinks 16 year old s should vote "Looking back, I can laugh at how stupid and misguided many of those opinions were"

"That’s why I am concerned by the growth of a sinister trend: that of the press publishing screenshots of old social media statuses and tweets from young people running for political office. Screenshot leaks don’t exclusively affect young people, but I have seen many that date back to the teenage years of those running for student union roles and parliamentary positions."

so are the guardian going to stop doing it? or only for people guilty of not agreeing with the guardian.


I wonder if her recommended amnesty from past posts would apply to everyone equally, or only to people who share her political beliefs.

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