The antisemites threatening us don’t just hate Jews. They hate the idea of multiracial democracy and political equality, says US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders

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Idiot supposes he isnt on the side of oppression


"The antisemites threatening us don’t just hate Jews. They hate the idea of multiracial democracy and political equality"

No, we hate your Jewish values. We hate your porn, we hate your abortion, we hate your jewish usury capitalism, we hate your holocaust lies, we hate your land thievery, we hate your genocidal racial supremacist religion.


First off Sanders lives in lala land.

Second, why is there even a word for people who don't like jews?




What about the inevitable oppression Socialism/Marxism/Communism brings with it and those who would struggle against it?

People should have a right to their own property and to be able to defend it and themselves. People should be able to speak their mind and freely associate with who they want to. People should be able to enjoy the products of their labor and not see them appropriated by the state.

Those who claim to be struggling against oppression by taking up the mantle of Leftism are either naive useful idiot cannon fodder or lying malicious manipulators wanting to use the better parts of our nature against us. The more I see of the culture war the more I think that people have been tolerant for far too long. In Children of Dune, Frank Herbert wrote, "When I am Weaker Than You, I ask you for Freedom because that is according to your principles; when I am Stronger than you, I take away your Freedom Because that is according to my principles." Tell me this hasn't been the left's strategy all along? The sexual revolution, gay marriage, feminism, diversity, multiculturalism, etc all were essentially freedoms granted through appeals to fair play, tolerance and empathy but were those sympathies misplaced?

With respect to alphabet people, women and other minorities and the privileges that society has bestowed upon them we are seeing a concentrated effort through the "intellectuals" and activists among them to erode societal norms and restrict the freedoms of average people. Due to out of control PC madness there are things you can't say without losing your livelihood and risking your personal safety and that of your family. They also want you to be unarmed and at the mercy of criminals and the nanny state because "Think of the children" yet another emotional manipulation preying on our better nature. Funny how the same people who claim to care so much about the children with respect to gun violence or the climate hoax have no problem ending the lives of the unborn even up to infanticide as affirmed in Virginia. They argue for death with dignity for the terminally ill and government run healthcare but when you combine the 2 whose to say state sanction death panels won't Euthanize who they please?

I can empathize with a lot but just because an individual's circumstances suck doesn't mean new rules should be made for everyone. Actions have consequences and people should think through what side effects and results could be in enacting certain policy.

Case in point when Commiefornia decriminalizes knowingly spreading HIV, petty shoplifting or shitting in the streets these problems compound. There are those in the trans activist community that seek to limit freedom through compulsory speech or in some cases actions (Post Op Trans people seeking to force sexual contact on someone who is not into whatever biological sex the trans person has to be) How about all the cases throughout the ages where Atheists and Jewish folk were allowed to opt out of Christian things but nowadays schools forcing halel meats on their students or having a world religion class being able to force a Christian student to blaspheme against their beliefs and speak / write down a prayer that gives fealty to Islam's Allah which despite what some would have you believe is not the common God of the other Abrahamic traditions.

Things can only continue to go one way for so long before people declared they have had enough and when that happens there will be a reckoning.


"That's where you're wrong comrade"

t. Jeremy Corbyn


By "fighting anitsemitism the antisemitic Commie Corbyn means fighting with antisemitism, aka, being antisemitic.

This article is total newspeak. Black is white, war is peace, etc.

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2019-40-We 12:40:37 am

By "fighting anitsemitism! the antisemitic Commie Corbyn means fighting with antisemitism, aka, being antisemitic.


Yes, those filthy child raping muslims you Democrats defend and support love them some jews! 👌🙄

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