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What a load of patronising tosh. spoiled by their inland history ... as opposed to who? If you compare the UK to Germany for example, it is Germany who are far more insular. Their food industry is miles behind ours, their holiday destinations are limited to central Europe and Italy - very few even have a passport.

I live in Deutschland, and it's very much "Germany First" here. It's the USA of the EU.


Brexiters want to leave the club on unrealistically favourable terms

Well I'm a Brexiter and I just want to leave - I don't care whether it's on favourable terms or not. I would prefer favourable but lets be realistic. The EU has shown that any deal negotiated now will be on bad terms to punish the UK for daring to leave and to send a message to any other of the EU27 thinking about it. Therefore we are (if we want a favourable outcome) forced to play chicken with them. We must leave I think on "no deal" terms and then see who can take the losses the longest. Only then will a sensible deal become possible. Meanwhile after leaving our energy would be better spent trying to get trade deals elsewhere. Not hanging around forever waiting for the EU to make up their minds that actually they might prefer a deal rather than no deal. A deal even if the terms are actually fair to the UK.

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