The Women’s Equality party believes in collaborative politics. Who will help us tackle our national crisis? asks Mandu Reid, leader of the Women’s Equality party

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So the Guardi-onion is publishing political advice from the leader of a feminist party that has absolutely no power in any of the UK's government's or assemblies. But you'd better listen to what this non-entity has to say because she is a wimmin and any ful kno that wimmin should run the world.


Thank-you for your advise Mandu now let me reciprocate. Democracy is about doing what the majority voted for whether you agree or not. i know it hard to grasp WHEN YOUARE SELF RIGHTEOUS PEICE OF SHIT. But do try


WTF is "crashing out of the EU", no one is crashing anywhere, the UK is just leaving without a framework the EU likes. Is this whore so hung up on black dick that the thought less of them coming over that the working class will be paying for making her cry?

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