House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday lashed out at President Trump for appointing three conservative justices to the Supreme Court. Trump’s final Supreme Court pick replacing far-left Ginsburg with Amy Coney Barrett swung the highest court of the land farther to the right and opened the door to overturn Roe v Wade. Pelosi, knowing she’s…

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Great, they've got her going ... she's taking the bait and diving deeper into the trashbin of historical fools.


Clearly she's upset that a leader actually did GOOD things for OUR Country!!! Boooo Fucking Who Nancy!!!


If she thinks that's bad, just wait till she finds out what WE have in store for her & the rest of the idiots who think like her!!!!!


Creature? WOW! That's real rich coming from someone who looks like a 100yr old corpse!!!!


Fuck you Pelosi your time as a leader of this country is ending🖕🖕


america first

how dare he!

pelosi got globalists to suck off, russians china ukraine anyone but america.

and how dare orange man show that just by cutting some taxes and afew odumbo regulations 5 6% growth that was "impossible" via economic expert odumbo. who spent america into the poor house while berating them their best days were behind.

and orange man showed his communist ass to hell up.

and got more votes then odumbo.

why they had to stuff so many fraudulent votes.

and why they never mention the most popular president in us history outstripping odumbo.

golf clap einsteins.


Princess Nasty Nan shows her contempt for non elitist Americans. Keep it up, Nan, and make it very very public when you do.

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