Health officials confirmed on Wednesday the first case of monkeypox virus infection in Massachusetts this year. The CDC expressed concern on Tuesday about the monkeypox outbreak in the UK and warned of the possibility that the outbreak could spread beyond U.K. borders. “We do have a level of concern that this is very different than…

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In case everyone wasn't paying attention, this started happening immediately after they were supposedly injecting COVID vaccines into random animals for "reasons"... I don't think they were using COVID vaccines tho.

Think about it... all this, uh... "gain of function" research... they were using animal diseases.

It would take almost no effort at all for them to uh "make some mistakes" that would wind up infecting animals with crazy stupid shit that will eventually kill us all.

Also Bill Gates is probably responsible. Just throwin that out there!


In England, where the outbreak started, it was in gay males......just FYI

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