On Friday we heard testimony from her own Campaign Manager that Hillary Clinton encouraged the fake news story that candidate and President Trump was a puppet of Russian President Putin.  President Trump asks how does he ever get his reputation back? Hillary’s Campaign Manager swore under oath on Friday that Hillary was behind the Russia…

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Whether you like Trump or not, you have to be worried that such fraud took place. The FBI and other branches were inclusion with the effort of an opponent to smear him with lies. If they would do it to him, they would not think twice about everyday citizens. The many of the Jan. 6th protesters are still in jail who did nothing illegal yet BLM rioted, performed assault, arson and theft against city, federal and public property!


I really don't care whether Trump ever gets his Reputation back.

On the other hand, I do think it vital that the illegally imprisoned 1/6 Protesters who responded to his call to stop the VoteSteal be released immediately.


Hillary outsmarted Trump. lol

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2022-52-Su 10:52:54 am

Hillary outsmarted Trump.

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