Only 1 in 5 Americans want to see Joe Biden run again according to the latest I&I/TIPP national poll. Biden’s numbers continue to slide due to “a number of issues, ranging from his leadership of the military, the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, the recent inflation surge and supply-chain crisis, the border crisis.” But if grassroots Republicans…

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Complete BS. 1 in 5 wants this senile asshole to run? Are they fucking brain dead?


More like 18 million if that.


The question is, will we even have a country left? The fraud from 2020 and before will be there in 2022, and 2024 and beyond. We aren't even allowed to question it (unless we are talking about the GA Governor race or the 2016 Presidential races)

In the meantime, bureaucrats and minions make "rules" for us to comply with, from the CDC, FDA, NIH, to the local school boards. Meanwhile we just sit idle.


Lulz 22% - it is not even that high. These fake polls are all spinning Hidey/Hoe's single digit support.


Only an enemy would be ok with the current overall status of the USA.

134 million votes cast in Trump/Biden corrupt election. 22% is 34 million. Fair to guess that the US has at least 34 million parasites.

Too many of 4 generations depend on government to do for them UNNECESSARILY and ENDLESSLY in many ways, broadly and deeply. Career parasites.

Go back 3 generations and that generation schooled those they raised. Then there were 2 generations schooling the next generation. Then 3 generations schooling the 4th. The estimated 34 million career parasites are made up of all races.

It is clear to all that live at ground level in the places where 90% of the population has lived for the past 60 years that it is fair to speculate that 34 million career parasites are in the US. Based on the horrid and steady decline in nearly every town.

Most logical to start a reset with a purge of the key leaders of the enemy within that have enabled and sustained the great US decline that harms all lives. Doing what the Constitution prescribed as the fix for an enemy within, the 2nd Amendment added to help accomplish the defeat of an enemy within.

Only an enemy would be ok with the current status of the USA.

Constitution and USA First! 🇺🇸 It’s not complicated, with the proper brave moral new party leaders.

We have one Uni-Party. The enemy within. So, let the corrupt, colluding Dems/Repubs continue to operate as one self-serving party. Need a real 2nd Party. USA1 Party. Reset now asap.


And he has only been in office 11 Months!

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