Joe Biden on Thursday delivered remarks on the crappy economy under his presidency. Biden admitted life sucks under his presidency because of inflation, rising gas prices and unconstitutional Covid mandates. Biden shuffled away from the lectern after absurdly claiming his $3.5 trillion “infrastructure” bill would end inflation. Joe Biden also claimed his infrastructure bill, which…

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If you can stand to do it look into those empty eyes. Reveals there is nothing behind them accept whatever he has been programmed to spew. If you want to see where this is leading take some time to watch the American Hero's Channel programming on the history of previous dictatorships and their despots / murderers. You will see very familiar signs of what happened then is happening now. Just like then the malcontents were used as tools to gain their power and once they had it these suckers were killed off or imprisoned. Ignorance will seal your fate my fellow citizens.

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