President Trump released a statement on the phoney and partisan investigation into January 6th led by the corrupt Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The President stated the obvious in his statement – why is the individual who is running the investigation the same person who should be investigated the most? The President writes: Nancy Pelosi is spending…

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Since "Large Scale Voter Fraud of Our Presidential Election" appears to be taking forever. Super blown out of rational proportion accusations, with Protesters made out unjustly, wrongly as enemies of the State.

Domineering Pelosi will except nothing less than complete subservience, a totally partisan committe selection excluding any Senator that doesn't bow down to her, like Jordan or Banks, in her grand pyschopathic deranged performance, Maestra of the orchestration of this carnival of horrors, when she in fact designed and executed the whole affair along with DOJ and FBI accomplices, unjust extravaganza of evil conniving to castigate, and totally humiliate conservatives, believers in the Constitution, legitimate protesters a fraudulent election, the normal, maligned citizens that have had their government ripped from their control by this malicious, devious harpy, and her cohorts. Welcome to Nasty Pelosi's parade of Unconstitutional persecution debacle, to prove what she has determined the forgone conclusion of her domestic terrorist false narrative.


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