Politicians, celebrities, journalists, Nobel Peace prize winners as well as current and former heads of state sent a letter to President Donald Trump urging him to pardon WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The letter was included with Assange’s formal pardon request that was sent to the White House in December. Among the signatories are Roger Stone…

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PARDON ASSANGE!! Do it now, Trump!


1) Written by Cassandra. 👍

2) Letter was sent in December.

3) Roger Stone and Dinesh D’Souza. Yeah yeah.

4) Trump's had this for a month already. If he'd wanted to act on it, if he couldn't figure this all out without their help, he'd have already done so.

List of yank signatories includes:

Paul Gosar, Daniel Ellsberg, Pamela Anderson, Darren Beattie, Oliver Stone, Robert Barnes, Daniel Bostic, Alex Bruesewitz, Michael Coudrey, Pedro Gonzalez, Cassandra Fairbanks, Cristina Leila, Jim Hoft, Joe Hoft, Jack Posobiec, Michael Malice, Rob Maness, Charlie Nash, Tim Pool, Elijah Schaffer, Lauren Chen, Doug Stafford, Jorge Ventura, Paul Joseph Watson, Gavin Wax, Tom Woods.

Also Terry Gilliam, Alan Rusbridger, Tracy Somerset, Vivienne Westwood.

It is time for Trump to pardon Assange, so he can continue his work helping to drain the swamp, writes Cassandra.

But let's ask Cassandra this.

Where are the extremely few from the WikiLeaks inner circle? Some were redistributed to other organisations, others were just dropped. But there are some of them remaining.

What the fuck have they been doing all this time - aside from galavanting around five-star hotels for the millions in donations?


Oh boy. Any Swedish govt names on that list or are they still flying low.


Let's take the leash off this one... We can only yet imagine what more he must know. And we all know hoe much he loves tellin' us about everything 😀 TURN HIM LOOSE!


TEST (gelukt!)

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Pardon both Julian Assange and Edward Snowden


President Trump, I personally have mixed emotions about what has transpired to accomplish the Wikileaks document dump. I'm not an attorney, but I am a constitutionalist and Mr. Assange, in spite of the methods, has been one of the individuals who has contributed most to the pubic awakening of the American people. He is the one who has provided the documentary proof of the deep state, the crimes against humanity committed by people in whom we placed our trust, and the plans for treason against our nation. I know I speak for millions who have been censored from platforms who state they believe in the first amendment, but do not! Please, Mr. President. Pardon Mr. Assange and allow him to return to the United States in safety.


Pardon Steve Bannon too he's a good man! Behind the president all the way.


I hope Trump pardons him. I like to see the Liberals’ heads explode!


No sympathy for Assange. Why was nearly all of his classified exposures in English and involving the USA, rather than Israel, North Korea, Russia, Sudan, Yemen, China, or Saudi Arabia? If he had released the same amount of classified info from Israel, he would be dead already.

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