Where do the people turn when those entrusted with administering justice are the same ones who are committing acts of injustice? Perhaps we will soon find out, as a former police officer turned poll watcher in Texas has evidently caught a judge and election officials committing widespread voter fraud using a stack of ID’s to…

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Barr won't do diddly squat but Ken Paxton Texas AG probably will. As a former Texas election judge myself, what's also messed up is there should be a Republican election judge there too. Why doesn't the corrupt Harris County GOP have a precinct chair for that area?

Are these more Chinese IDs sent in by the CCP? If so, at what level is the Democrat Party working with the CCP to thwart our elections?



This is just one way Dems have been tainting TX voting for decades now and only reason why big cities are Dem strongholds. Without the corruption they'd be GOP all the way.

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