Senator Rand Paul is continuing to sound the alarm about the possibility of some of his Republican colleagues voting to allow only the witnesses called by Democrats during the impeachment trial. Appearing on Hannity on Thursday evening, Sen. Paul reiterated much of what he told The Gateway Pundit on Wednesday about his fear that Democrats…

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People need to pay attention McConnell is a snake in the grass and can't be trusted.


FTA - "...if they defy the president and allow Democrats to run amok, like they did in the House."

Not sure whether this is a direct quote of Paul or just the way the author worded it, but this is an inaccurate portrayal of the situation in the House.

House Repubs didn't "allow" anything, they were powerless to do anything. Simple majority rules in the House, and the Dems had the votes & stuck together well enough to force their way on every issue. #impeachment

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