She’s out of control. Fresh off of her embarrassing eruption at the White House Speaker Pelosi took a plane to Jordan to discuss the situation in Syria — on your dime. Pelosi and fellow Democrats arrived in Jordan on Saturday. Pelosi thinks she’s president. What's Next, a Boondoggle to Beijing? Radical Dems Have Lost Their …

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I suppose their treason is now complete. In a simpler era they would be taken into custody when their plane touched down on allied or sovereign U.S. territory... How I do long for simpler times! God Save OUR President!

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2019-58-Mo 03:58:03 am

I suppose their treason is now complete.


The democrats have been way past treasonous for at least the last year. It's seems as if they're untouchable, no one seems to be able to keep them in check. I want nothing but bad things for democrats. #KAG #MAGA #2020



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