Joy Reid, a far-left conspiracy theorist and host on ‘MSNBC,’ said ‘White Christian men’ want to bring racially segregated apartheid to America in order to keep power. Reid is truly a sick and delusional woman. WATCH her disgusting racist comments here:

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This talking head is correct, obviously... because as a leftist brain-dead racist deep state whore of color, this thing completely understands the mind of white American men.


Ok so explain the black music awards, and black history month who actually has the segregation mentality?


Was it white Christian men (God bless them) that asked for apartheid at the Oscars? What about at Harvard graduation? This monkey knows it's blacks doing it.

That said- OF COURSE WE DO!!! Look at the difference of behaviors! Sensible whites want nothing to do with you lady, and yours.


I'm a White man, and I have to admit Joy Reid makes Apartheid sound increasingly attractive.

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