Radical far left students at the University of California, Berkley held a protest and formed a human chain to prevent white students from going to class in a 2016 demonstration. What a complete shock! A new study by Cornell University using artificial intelligence found that minority students were much more likely to spread abusive racist …

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Minority students can’t “hate.”

To believe otherwise is to anthropomorphize them.

They’re no more capable of feeling hate than is a squirrel or a crow.


I'll bet money that using the accurate technical designation illegal immigrant is considered by the AI to be 'hate speech'.

    • There's nothing 'intelligent' about an AI designed and programmed by idiots. - -

UC Berkely...

That means it's probably been in full use at the Ivy League schools for two years.

It will be in research universities across the country within a year, hit the regular 4-years over the following 2 to 3 years.

Your kindergarten kids will be used to having their thoughts judged by a robot by about 2025.

HOME SCHOOL, for fuck's sake.


'may actually “discriminate against the groups who are often the targets of the abuse we are trying to detect"'

WTF??!!! They have the real evidence in their hands and still they can't see the facts?! I have been isolating due to the sheer stupidity of most. Seems like it'll be another lonely year.


For those of you who are interested. I copied the following lines from the study. Because hate speech is subjective and you have gender study wingnuts curating the data, it is no wonder they get low quality results. Garbage in garbage out.
"They then annotated a sample of these tweets themselves,using guidelines inspired by critical race theory.These annotators were then reviewed by “a 25 year old woman studying gender studies and a nonactivist feminist” to check for bias. This data set consists of 16,849 tweets labeled as either racism, sex-ism, or neither. The tweets were annotated by “feminist and anti-racism activists”, based upon the assumption that they are domain-experts. In particular, we see that hate speech and harassment are particu-larly difficult to detect. "


BWAHAHA! It's just about the exact same result the libs got when Microsoft created a REAL A.I. program, which they let learn on its own - because it was allowed to sort real facts, it also quickly "had to be" shut down, because it quickly became a "right-winger" in perspective! Now (as I predicted!) their latest scam attempt to enslave us all, has also backfired! You just can't make this shit up LOL!

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