The dominant conservative philosophy for interpreting the Constitution has served its purpose, and scholars ought to develop a more moral framework.

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He openly advocates Communism under the guise of Constitutionalism. The goal is not "liberty" but "promoting good rule"? This is the canary in the coalmine that Google's "Don't be evil" was.


Fuck this commie. And make no mistake, that's what this tripe is: communism masquerading as an "enlightenment" towards authoritarianism for the "Public Good"

"These principles include respect for the authority of rule and of rulers; respect for the hierarchies needed for society to function; solidarity within and among families, social groups, and workers’ unions, trade associations, and professions; appropriate subsidiarity, or respect for the legitimate roles of public bodies and associations at all levels of government and society; and a candid willingness to “legislate morality”—indeed, a recognition that all legislation is necessarily founded on some substantive conception of morality, and that the promotion of morality is a core and legitimate function of authority. Such principles promote the common good and make for a just and well-ordered society."



For the common good...the language of tyrants. "The bureaucracy will be seen not as an enemy, but as the strong hand of legitimate rule. " This was written by wicked and evil people.

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