Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called truckers protesting Covid-19 vaccine mandate a “fringe minority”

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Another elite communist that will have his career and maybe his own freedom ended by the people.


Ya.. Totally fringe.. That's why the gofundme is almost at 6 million


Says the turd that wouldn't flush.


The largest convoy in the entire history of mankind apparently represents a "fringe minority".

He's uh... talking about psychopaths... that's why it doesn't make sense to you.

It makes sense to him! Because uh... all the major psychopathic tribes... they all want to start commercializing and industrializing your human autonomy... because they see you as animals... and they want to "farm" you for their wealth in a more efficient manner.

That's why they make you autistic now! Designer humans! Who can't comprehend lying!

You see? The only major psychopathic tribe that sides with humans... that would be the ONE tribe that can still feel emotion... the absurdists. The comedians. The artisans.

Our version of psychopathy centers on controlling your emotions, rather than negating them or letting them rule you. We try to take our hate and hurt and we convert it into art!


Truckers work. Trudeau supporters sponge


The leftist little twerp looked like he was going to piss his pants🖕🖕


I'm sure he dropped to his knees immediately...

Right there at the truck stop.



Trudeau and the Canadian parliament are the globalist "elites" puppets, vaccine passport serves no health benefits for the country (it is only a tool to bring in global electronic identity and virtual money/ banking, NWO).

Phizer CEO: vaccines offers limited protection, if any at all:

Canadian Woman confronted the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau saying that he is a globalist working for his globalist partners:


50,000 truckers becomes more than 50,000 when adding the millions that side with the truckers. Trudeau knows this. He is calling whatever the total number is a fringe minority with confidence to show solidarity with all in the world on his side.

Doing so he reveals that his side has convinced him that there is no stopping New Word Order. NWO is global population reduction and pollution/warming reduction in one.

To make NWO (1 government for the world) manageable, a lot of humans must die. Let’s speculate 6 billion, leaving about a billion. The bonus, pollution/warming is slowed significantly.

That 1 dictatorial self-serving government will still be the world’s biggest polluter. As is all governments of the world combined are today the greatest polluter. Imagine a manageable NWO to be 1 leader with a gun, 50 million controllers with guns, 250 million enforcers with guns, 700 million slaves WITHOUT guns. Green New Deal installed.

Taxes do not slow pollution, death does. Dead don’t pollute. Green New Deal is a $100-$150 TRILLION tax scam that creates massive pollution. Taxes are taken from businesses and the wages of employees. All businesses pollute from a little to a lot. Then spending the taxes taken creates more pollution. Governments of the world viewed as a global conglomerate is the worlds greatest polluter, pollution enabler.

Never believe today’s politicians care about our lives. They control our lives, so by default they control death. Decide who gets help or harmed and who doesn’t. They view us as an enemy they want to remove, or view us as their protectors that swear to die to for them.

All are self-serving, self-preserving, deceiving death dabblers. Must be to succeed in their profession. Make Trudeau flee Canada to the NWO reservation that has been prepared for the coward. He will not stay in Canada when he knows he must physically fight to survive like those he harms.


I think he sharted in his pants a little.

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