A fourth dose of coronavirus vaccine showed dwindling effectiveness against the Omicron variant, according to a trial conducted in Israel, with one its lead researchers saying the immunization is simply “not good enough.”

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Soon, even 100 'boosters' given every two days will STILL be "not good enough".

Of course, since this study is coming out of #Zionist Rothschild "#Israel" aka "God's Promised Land" run by #Christ-rejecting Ashkenazi #Talmudic terrorists who migrated from Europe that are (blasphemously) labeled as "God's Chosen People", leveling any kind of criticism in the form of calling for mass vaccine programs to be shut down is considered one and the same as "wanting a Second #Holocaust" in the eyes of the #Evangelical "Christian" leadership.


So a virus that has been evolving has worked around the vaccines and the answer is more vaccines? Sign me up!!!


Immunization not good enough. To a rational sane human this means stop the useless shot.... To the Jewish government this means keep pushing the death shot and kill anyone that acquires a cold.


The only country that takes in it's enemies after battle and treats them, saves their lives. Haters of Israel, and probably that's not all! Israel is home to some of the greatest bio chemists, scientists and medical researchers. Not all Israeli's are Jews and that's because Israel isn't what the liars and propagandists say.


keep jabbing till everyone DEAD.

why the muzzies have to bother? the govt of israel will do it for them. while they cozy up to the ccp, sterilize blacks that move to israel, require everyone over the age of 18 to get jabbed AND boosted.

the bightest smartest minds on the planet. the most "democratic" nation in the middle east.

sanction them.


The booster shots will be endless till people say no. The best way to deal with these bullshit vaccines is not to take them

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