As Taliban militants came threateningly close to Afghanistan’s capital Kabul, President Ashraf Ghani addressed the nation, saying he was in urgent talks with local leaders and foreign partners and will share the results “soon.”

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As most our late attempts to help people under tyrannical rule, our intentions may have been good but we didn't have clear goals on the outcome of our endeavors. We failed in the Korean, Vietnam and in all our incursions in the Middle East. What history should have taught us, we failed to comprehend. You simply cannot go in a country steeped in thousands of years of extremism rule and kick out a dictator and leave. The result will always be the same, another dictator, the populations ideology must be changed to get different results and that can only happen if you can control the people for at least one generation, preferably two, so they can understand how a their government should work. We have a perfect example in our own government of that very thing happening. The Marxist infiltrated our public education system many decades ago and have produced a different ideology in our children, of whom, most are in our governing institutions today. Our ideology has changed and we, as a nation is falling. We are incapable of helping others who are victims of extremist governments because we are becoming one of those nations. We have ignored history.

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