The ongoing hostilities between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza are not expected to end anytime soon, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, adding it “will take time” to restore “calm” in the country.

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Netanyahu knows his scriptures well, and although this is a precursor to the Psalm's 83 prophesied war, it gives a picture of future events. No one really wants this to escalate on the sane side of this situation, but the dark elements are pressing hard to encourage those that wish to destroy and wipe from the face of the earth first the "Saturday People", the Jews, then their second objective is the "Sunday People", the Christians. You know which group you are in, and the comments in this section will reflect that, but remember only what God intends really matters.


The satanic= serpent jews came from serpent cultures of Mesoamerica, and the world should chase them from Palestine to Guatemala and Yucatan/ You satan!!!

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