The embattled Prime Minister wants Washington to approve of Israel's further expansion into the Jordan Valley, just days after he urged Donald Trump not to miss a rare chance to back Tel Aviv's territorial appetites.

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I hereby annex Martha's Vineyard. Obama's new $11 million mansion belongs to me. Because my religion says so.


how is this trending if there are no dissents?


The jews can take whatever they want from their neighbors with our blessing, but only if they pay up first.

Imagine if you could make criminals on the other side of the world pay you before they go an commit a crime all on their own without any support from you. Just some nice, cheap words.

Their neighbors can rent our military if they want to be able to defend themselves from Israeli expansionism, of course. Doesn't come cheap though.

Desert monkeys should never have been given money in the first place. It is good to take it away from them.


Tubby Netanyahu (aka Benjamin Milikowsky from Lithuania) should be bent over and kick-started on his way to jail.

Even a swindling clodpole like Pompeo is more believable than Benji.

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