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These degenerate commie liberals want nothing more then to destroy America, look at all the social media vomit these horrible people have said about our country, and now they want you to watch their little play acting and pay them millions. So they can continue telling you how horrible you are and how terrible your country is for standing up for family rights and being a proud citizen of a country, how dare you have patriotism for where you live! Don't let simpleton script readers influence you in any way, they've sold their souls and drank the Kool-Aid of Shillywood, they would literally sell their children for fame, don't idolize them at all.


If you gotta watch it, at least Torrent it so they don’t benefit from the ratings.


They should have stretched the content in the first season a lot longer. Everyone likable in the first season turned overly-powerful assholes (or, if men, total whiny pussies) in the second season. The third season seems to continue with the trend of super-powered super-unlikable robot-women plotting something I have no reason to care about. This time it is in a dark and depressing world outside the park.

I have no reason to watch this any further.

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