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The SCUM (Seditious Combatant Ungodly Media) wants everyone they can program to believe that the stealing of the election was not that, it was only a massive organized cabal of concerned billionaire citizens (marxists one-world plotters) that worked within the law to beat Trump. This is of course simply a cover story that will appease the more mentally-challenged among us. The truth is that it was fraudulent and laws were illegally changed in the swing states to fake a record vote count for a biped potato. The bigger subject that nobody is talking about is why do we expect that this fraud will not be perpetrated again in 22 and 24??? Where are the systemic changes that have been made to ensure the next elections will be impossible to rig?? Why is there not one leader in the GOP leading this charge? All the other stuff that the country is up in arms about will be meaningless if our next elections are not secured and able to be audited, if needed. As others have stated if the control of our elections is not secured to ensure they are accurate then everything else that is consuming Americans will not matter at all. All the other stuff is reversible. I believe that all the other stuff is being done to distract from the critical vote integrity issue. I would suggest that every person that votes gets a paper RECEIPT of that vote that they own and have possession of. In the event of an audit those documents can then be counted again outside of the digital system that the government (and who knows who else) now controls. This would make it nearly impossible to conduct another fraudulent election.


Why do anchor babies vote? Their mothers had no green cards and were in this country illegally. They scammed their way in then leeched off the taxpayers for 18 years. 99% vote Democrat.

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