WASHINGTON D.C. - For Liberals, it's never the criminal's fault for their decisions unless it fits one of their narratives. If a Black Supremacist mows

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Take notice this is only happening in democratic area where the refunded the police and took away the rights to carry a gun you deserve what you get government or lack of a government caused it all.


Immoral leading the immoral. How can there not be treason with a Uni-party of corrupt, self-serving, deceiving, death dabblers as politicians (our government). Both parties got us here.

And the sad part, they got us here with the name Constitutional Republic in place, the Constitution and 2nd amendment still in place, and with about 300 million guns of all kinds in our homes.

We the sheeple let them convert the US to a Socialist Democracy, historically the mid-point to the conversion to full-on Communism.

We the sheeple go abroad to horrid battlefields and die abd get maimed to remove evil leaders and governments in foreign countries, but oddly will not do that where it is needed more. We enable the enemy within that the Constitution warns us about. Then 2A added to defeat an enemy within. Again, we have about 300 million guns of all kinds. But they might as well be lollipops that we suck and see the evil that comes next.


Dems have created blue cities of two tiers - the wealthy insiders and the poor, dependent outsiders.


Wasn't the cause climate change last week, Circle Back Red? And Donald Trump the week before? White men the prior week? And the unvaxxed before that? I suppose you'll now be using a rotation of imaginary scapegoats to seem less repetitive in deflecting blame now? And you haven't even been there for a year. Pretty pathetic.


That prostitute will have a mental breakdown from lying too many times.

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