Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) took to Twitter on Monday to explain that former President Donald Trump being pro-COVID-19 jabs does not mean that he

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The concept isn't that hard: I have had a jab but NO ONE should have thee right to demand I have a jab.


Just because Trump is pro-vax, most boomers are, they are weird that way, doesn't mean anyone else needs to justify his position on it, idiots will get themselves into all kinds of shit trying to do that. MAGA is not a mindless cult. TDS'ers however are a cult.


The problem is with him being pro-v!ccine. Period. Not a question of mandates, the v!ccine itself.

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2021-31-Tu 08:31:07 pm

The problem is with him being pro-vccine. Period. Not a question of mandates, the vccine itself.


While I am skeptical of most vaccines these days considering manufacturers of all vaccines have liability immunity the Covid vaccines are particularly bad. They were rushed to market, experimental in nature and the FDA is hiding the Pfizer data for 75 years. It is great that he is antimandate don't get me wrong but it is still poor that he is pro-Covid jabs as the more time goes on the more we learn about things like the heart risk, the reproductive risk, the potential cancer risk, the data that suggests the jabs give people a type of AIDs unless they take endless boosters, etc. VAERS is blowing up for a reason and J&J were the minority of jabs administered in the US so it is highly unlikely statistically speaking that all the VAERS reported cases are from J&J alone. The more time goes on the more we see indicators that there are several serious issues with the jabs and eventually the fake news media will not be able to cover it up however if Trump does not distance himself from the jabs by that time they'll blame him.

loading... need to tell Trump it';s time to eat crow and move on. Trump was bamboozled!~ he needs to confess that.


Being pro vaccine is not forced vaccination

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