Republicans have no standing to complain about Biden’s spate of unilateral measures, given they were fine with Trump implementing as much of his agenda as possible by exactly the same means.

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Who's complaining about that?

I'm complaining about the fact that the ELECTION WAS FUCKING STOLEN.

Biden is doing nothing unexpected now that he is "in office." Though I'm certain that most of the retards who voted for "normal" like CNN told them to... are confused as fuck. They probably thought Biden would cure Covid, lower taxes, and absolve everyone of their "white supreemacy."

Jokes on you, motherfuckers!


What a bunch of liars!!!! Democrat Biden signed 33 Executive Orders in 6 days! This is more than the last THREE President in their first week COMBINED!!! President Trump only signed 55 Executive Orders his first YEAR, not 55 in 6 flipping days!!!! Democrat Biden signed 23 Executive Orders in his first 48 hours!! In 4 years President Trump signed 217 Executive Orders. That averages 1 a week, not 33 in ONE week!

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