The move greenlights potentially damning testimony from aides close to Trump, coming as the House select committee on the riot holds its first hearing.

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"potentially damning"

Only if they are lying, we have enough video evidence to know that 1. Nancy Pelosi wanted this to happen and called off Trumps call for national guard. 2. That Capitol Police Unlocked the doors and waved in the first 300-800 individuals. 3. In that fist group there were known antifa membes, BLM members, CNN journalists, and almost certainly FBI agents. 4. The only person who died was murdered by Chuck Schumers Security Guard without warning and likely in coordination with an individual known as 3 hat guy. 5. There was extremely low property damage for 2 million rioters and video shows the vast majority of those who entered the capital were civil. 6. Many of those committing acts such as breaking windows have been identified as having ties to antifa.

If the 14,000 hours of security tape wasn't exculpatory to the "rioters" and damning to the fascist DNC then it would have been released already.


This is what happens when the circus never leaves town.

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