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Our Journalists are propagandist and pawns of the Commies. They do not serve the USA, only against its interests.


Communist propaganda spewing from a communist controlled newspaper


Yes, Congress voted many years ago to recognize Confederate veterans as equal to the Union veterans. The trash writing for the NY Pravda don't want us to know that.


"As the official Defense Department history of this period now acknowledges, the federal embrace of the Jim Crow system "

The op-ed goes to great lengths to put blame on the USA in an abstract sense while avoiding naming the specific people who controlled the South, re-segregated the military, started the KKK, passed Jim Crow laws, and lynched both black people and Republicans by the thousands.

The op-ed belittles the notion that forgiveness and acknowledging the fierceness of the warriors on both sides could lead to living again as one country. Instead, the NYT demands punishment in the present for the sins of the past. The NYT doesn't want peace or for the nation to be made up of Americans.

In the same spirit, shouldn't the Democrats be named and shouldn't we demand they apologize and pay reparations for what they did before and after the Civil War? As the perpetrators of the problems the NYTs demands punishment for, shouldn't the party responsible bear the lion's share of blame and responsibility?


New york Times is fake news!

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