Seeing what Trump is doing to America, many find it hard to fight off despair.

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iI got back in touch with a woman I’d met there, an army veteran and mother of three named Katie Landsman.

The first screaming red flag is that Kathryn Landsman is a Dream Vacation Planner in Acworth GA according to LinkedIn, but no military service whatsoever is listed. After just a cursory glance, she doesn't appear to have served under her current married name or her maiden name.

Another screaming red flag is the fact that Katie Landsman has been a rife political ideologue for years:

Katie Landsman watched her 11-year-old son embrace Jon Ossoff at his cramped Marietta campaign office. The boy was bawling. He had just learned about the horrors of the Holocaust, she explained, and wanted to meet a young politician who gave him hope. Democrats hope to leverage 'Ossoff effect', AJC, 5/21/17


Yes, it sucks to have a President who isn't running around the world disparaging America and doing everything he can to tear us down. It's terrible for democracy for a President to try to root out the Deep State corruption that is killing us from the inside out.

Instead, let's have a Democratic Party in charge that rigs primaries, routinely violates the Constitution, and works tirelessly to politically and economically disenfranchise the people it claims to defend by bringing in millions upon millions of illegal aliens.

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