It turned out the killer of a Ukrainian electrician was working for Russian intelligence agents.

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I started reading this article before realizing it was The New York Times. Then I stopped and asked my self, why am I reading The New York Times? I don't trust a word of it.


Remember the "reset" that Hillary offered to Putin? All it did is enable this kind of behavior.


Bet the person who wrot this story has been fired. After all, the Slimes writer forgot to blame it on President Trump Doers anyone out thetre believe one word of these bastards crap anymore? Every time I see their hateful biased URL in the address bar I just skip the article wondering "gee what if that was true?"


Admittedly, even before the "collusion" narrative I found it hard to trust the Times. Now, in the post-hoax era, it's pretty much impossible - especially if they're reporting on anything involving Trump or Russia.

Way to go, NYT. You've achieved peak uncredibility.

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