The US is so weakened in the Indo-Pacific region, it could now lose a short, sharp conflict started by Beijing in just “hours”, up-ending the military order in our region.

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It would be great if China did that, because the response will be swift and nuclear and leave nothing standing in mainland and a world without China will be great. Preserving the $USD hegemony will create this conflict well before China starts it but no matter who starts it, the end will be the same. :)


Obvious bullshit. They can't withstand a trade conflict without heightened tensions in their own regions. Let's not forget that we HAVE a presence in the Indo-Pacific (so broad) region. USINDOPACOM is a powerful command, with allies sprinkled across the theater. We have the upper hand in trade, reinforcements, defense systems, and retaliatory strike ability. Let's not forget (at the same time) we dominate other theaters and have global oil production by its balls. We could fend off China with one hand, and strangle the rest of the world with the other. All while slowly starving anyone we want of oil. Virtually ensuring a victory against any opponent.

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