Radio host Alan Jones has been told his contract will be terminated if he makes attacks similar to those on Jacinda Ardern.

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Jacinda Ardern is the queen of "all care, no responsibility".


It's just an edgy comment, so no-one who is sane actually minded it. Only perpetual-victim SJWs will be interested in this apology, and to them, it's like blood in the water for a shark. You've just emboldened them to demand more retribution. Apologies don't appease them. Nothing does.

Shame on this parasitic "ME Bank", who's using this "nontroversy" to negotiate for cheaper advertising. They're damaging "freedom-of-expression", a pillar of aussie society, just to save a greedily hoard a few extra pennies. Disgraceful.

The ME Bank owe all australian people an apology, for failing in their moral obligation to always defend free-expression.


couldn't agree more with Alan Jones, Ardern is a puppet and a disgrace to NZ ... dumb as Dog shit !

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