Israel Folau’s legal battles may not be over just yet after the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW accepted a complaint from a gay rights activist who has accused the former rugby star of “homosexuality vilification”.

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The bible tells Folau that homosexuals are hell-bound. He talks about this on his socials using his freedom of religion, and now that freedom is being suppressed by the alphabet people? So we ensured that equal rights were distributed to the homosexual lobby, and now they're attempting to use those rights to overthrow someone else's rights? Get out of town...

If some religious nut job tells you you're going to hell, laugh in his face. That shit only matters if you believe in it. It IS however his right to express his religion, otherwise I'm quite happy for there to be a crackdown on Islam in this country. Go and find out what they think of gays by holding a parade in a muslim enclave without a police presence... you'll be dealing with much more than hurt feelings.

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