The Jeffrey Epstein case has taken another spectacular turn with the revelation he spent hours alone in a “private room” with an unidentified young woman after he was taken off suicide watch.

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The interesting thing about the post that Trump re-tweeted is that the original rant was posted BEFORE Epstein's death, and predicted Epstein would be suicided by you-know-who. That's right. Even the average joe on the street knew Epstein was going to get suicided BEFORE he got suicided.

I miss 2012, when journalists used to google for 30 seconds to make sure they didn't look idiotic before writing their garbage-teir tabloid lies. Now days, they can't even be bothered doing that. It's not a conspiracy theory, you dumb-dumb. It's a PREDICTION that came true.

Stupid journos who don't use english properly. Is it a "conspiracy theory" when your weather-man predicts tomorrow's weather? Or is it only a conspiracy when non-journalists make the predictions?

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