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Rey has had no character arc at all so far, as she's instantly undefeatable at every task she attempts. She has already defeated her puny Kylo nemesis multiple times, so there are no challenges approaching in Rey's future either.

Literally the only thing DIsney can try to do to salvage the Rey character and make it interesting is to turn her evil. Ofcourse, there's a catch. The SJWs (like Kathleen Kennedy) will all have kittens if a female is evil. Feminists and SJWs live in fear of females that are 3-dimensional characters. There will need to be a white-male we can all blame, robbing Rey of all agency. I'm looking at you Palpatine.

Whatever. I'm not getting hyped. I'll wait for the audience reviews, and if this is another woke-fest, you can count me out.

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