WHO draft on women of childbearing age and their alcohol consumption forgets that men who drink can damage fetuses, too.

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What about men who give birth? /sarc


"An April study of over 520,000 couples found a 35 percent increase in the risk of birth defects when a father drank alcohol regularly up to six months prior to conception."

This is a bullshit comparison. The rate of birth defects among healthy people is miniscule in comparison with the rates of FAS and other complications resulting from women drinking during pregnancy. And that's why there was never a warning in the first place.

They are using the language of statistics to make a NEGLIGIBLE chance of one problem seem equal to the near CERTAIN probability of another.

It's like saying that there's a 35% increase in the chance that you will be struck by fucking lightning on the way to the hospital if you do X, and that is the same as the 100% chance that you will be electrocuted if you stick a fork into a light socket.


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