Former President Barack Obama offered advice to demonstrators following George Floyd as growing unrest against police brutality continues across the country.

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All Obamas sons are already out in force. Sure is lucky how this stopped the buzz about Obamagate huh?


The word 'protestor' is NOT interchangeable with any of the following words 'looter, rioter, criminal, vandal, thief, scofflaw'. What is happening across the country is not unrest against police brutality, what is happening across the country (in democrat jurisdictions) is sedition. The protestors were silenced Friday night when the agitators took over, and turned the 'event in the news cycle' into pandemonium. And Obozo knows exactly what he's doing. He's being exposed in front of congress little by little, day by day. The Flynn entrapment broke Friday too. Hillary was supposed to testify in court on Tuesday. Rod Rosentein testified before congress today. Not suprised the ex commander in chief of it all broke silence today urging more 'discomfort'. Not to worry, I'm sure it's coming...we can all see why.


When is he going to be arrested for sedition????????

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