With closing arguments set to begin Monday, some legal experts wonder whether Derek Chauvin's defense couldn't find more expert witnesses.

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That's why a jury decides it and not you. My God could Dissenter put up any stupider articles??


They're having a hard time getting witnesses. Witness (and the jury!) don't want the BLM mob showing up at their homes. The judge should halt the trial as the officer isn't getting a fair trial.


From what I understand the defense did a good job of establishing resonable doubt considering the prosecution can't even say what killed Floyd (spoiler alert: The meth and fentanyl certainly had something to do with it) and several times during the case the defense used the prosecution's own witnesses against them. I mean if the trial is fair he'll likely be acquited but considering the judge did not sequestor the jury and already there are riots and other mob violence going on the jury may railroad Chauvin in an attempt to placate the mob. It likely won't work too if they try.

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