The Supreme Court ruled Friday night that California can’t totally ban indoor worship as a way to curb the spread of Covid-19.

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I predict an uptick in Strip Club based religions.


So California can ban Christians from singing and allow only 1/4 of the people in the church? This is a pathetic decision by the Supreme Court.


Another pack of fucking tyrants that just doesn't give a fuck about the constitution. Several other states got sued, for doing the same thing and the states lost. Does smogafornia think they're special so they can tyrant anything they want?


Oh you mean SCOTUS finally decided to go back to work ? fucking idiots done hiding now that they consider the election over.. COWARDS you could have made this decision YEARS AGO


Stupid stupid stupid. Go for it, Murka!


Then precautions aren't ever necessary!


Go to

to view the coronavirus deaths categorized by ethnicity and race. A disproportionately large percentage of Hispanics are succumbing to the coronavirus.

Hispanics are 39% of the Californian population but are 49% of coronavirus deaths. The high death rate is due to Hispanic misbehavior: poor personal hygiene and rude behavior (e.g., refusing to cover mouth and nose during a cough).

By contrast, the Japanese exhibit good personal hygiene and polite behavior.

Consequently, as of February 1, the Japanese death rate due to the coronavirus is only about 4% of the Californian rate, where "rate" is "death count divided by the population count". Approximately 40,908 Californians have succumbed to the coronavirus whereas only about 5,753 Japanese have died from it.

To reduce the Hispanic rate of death, Governor Gavin Newsom mandated a curfew across California. The curfew harmed the commercial businesses of European-Americans and Asian-Americans.

In other words, Newsom penalized European-Americans and Asian-Americans for Hispanic misbehavior.

Sara Cody, the health director of Santa Clara County (SCC), re-imposed a shelter-in-place order on SCC. She also favors penalizing European-Americans and Asian-Americans for Hispanic misbehavior.

Are you outraged by these facts? Are you outraged by the lockdown's permanently destroying local businesses (and their jobs)? Japan never underwent a draconian lockdown: the Japanese are not suffering what we are suffering.

Direct your anger at Hispanics, Newsom, Cody, the health directors of the other counties, etc.

Both Newsom and Cody should either resign or be promptly removed from office. In the 2022 election, replace all Democratic politicians with conservative populists.

Get more info @

ALERT for Northern California: Watch Bill O'Reilly: No Spin News at at 5 or 8 PM (PT). At , O'Reilly explains that "equity" means transferring large amounts of resources from European-Americans to Africans and Hispanics. Joe Biden is using his presidential power to promote this "equity". O'Reilly opposes it. By contrast, representing the management of KGO, all talk-show hosts at KGO (810 AM on the radio dial) support it.


The article says, "The court’s three liberal justices dissented." What honest reporting would have said, "The court’s Jews dissented." It was a 5-4. If Ginsberg were still on the court, it would have been a 4-5 loss for religious freedom.


Interesting none of those god fearing americans being concerned. The ICCPR said church is a non-derguable right even in a national emergency. Since there are no human rights to protect, there is no basis for the existence of government created 'laws'. Government created 'laws' were for the most part violations of the common law for the sake of human rights governments once protected. Until human rights are restored and violaters are brought to justice, why dont we all just cast out those 'members of our society' who supported the surveillance state. Isnt it odd this disease arriving just after the surveillance apparatus was built to protect us from it? Covid-1984 is a lie. Spot the actual nazis.


This was the ruling by CAs Supreme Court and lower courts already.

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